Peony Lim Jewels
Drop 1.
Peony Lim Jewels
Drop 1. Bezel Single Diamond Necklace
Drop 1. Celestial Pendant Necklace
Woven bags
Multicoloured super strong shopper
The New Black
Custom ordered and also available in Charcoal
Horn and Bone
Natural statement necklaces
New Classics
Pure Wool Smock Top
Denim Smock Dress
The classic Peony Lim dress
Duffle Dos
Custom Order Duffle Coat made of pure wool
Ikat Smock Top
Limited edition vintage fabrics
Denim and 1970s Liberty Smock Top
Denim base with pint turn ups and pockets
Blue and Pink Floral Smock Top
Colefax classic fabrics
Light Dress
Moss Light Wool Smock Dress
Toile Tales
Toile Smock Top available in Black and Blue